Payroll and Bookkeeping in RichmondCheckright’s aim is to provide our clients everyday accounting solutions that are vital to their business, but do not require the expense of a CPA. Payroll is a perfect example of that kind of service. Some of our clients have needs that extend beyond payroll into their day to day bookkeeping practices. We recognized the value in having “one stop shopping” and offer bookkeeping services to our payroll clients, and about 20% of our payroll customers take advantage of our bookkeeping solutions.  We tailor our bookkeeping solution to meet the needs of each client, and have experienced bookkeepers who can evaluate your current system and make suggestions on how to get more out of it; or create an accounting system for your establishment from scratch. Then, at year end, we work with your CPA to get them the information they need to perform tax preparation and planning functions with you.

Checkright works with our client to design their system and accounting and software program.  The client is paired with a Checkright bookkeeper who performs virtually all the bookkeeping functions. Checkright is posting your deposits, booking your checks and expenditures, and keeping your accounts reconciled. Typically, Checkright will provide an end of the week set of reports to the business owner(s) that includes a cash balances report, a Profit & Loss Statement, an Accounts Receivable Report, and an Accounts Payable Report. Many of our clients will mark items for payment on the AP report, and Checkright will create the checks to make the payments.

Checkright will evaluate your current process for bookkeeping and although each client has different needs, there are several similarities in the solutions we offer. We use Peachtree Accounting software exclusively. All our bookkeeping staff has extensive experience using Peachtree and can give you the most affordable solution by concentrating our expertise in one program. We have converted many clients from other software on to Peachtree and the response is overwhelmingly positive. We also pair a bookkeeper with a specific client for a long term association so that your bookkeeper develops a very specific knowledge of your business-your vendors, customers, processes, etc. This long term partnership delivers both more economical results and a great resource to the business owner. Finally, all different levels of our service are set up remotely at our office where we can use modern technology to share accounting files, access bank accounts online, and use email and fax for document sharing. In this way, our clients don’t have to pay for a bookkeeper to travel to them or house all the computers, software, printers, and other necessary supplies to get the job done.

Let Checkright evaluate your bookkeeping processes and needs and give you a proposal on how to free up your time and energy from this arduous task.