Virtual File Cabinet

Checkright is making use of the latest in technology to offer our customers a virtual file cabinet for employee forms and records that we manage on their behalf. We will scan and sort by employee the paper that you have traditionally stored in a file cabinet in a secure internet site. You will have access to applications, performance reviews, educational certificates, W4’s, I-9’s, state withholding forms, garnishments, direct deposit authorizations, and any thing else traditionally kept in an employee personnel file. Our staff will set up a simple online directory that gives you instant access to all this material while eliminating the security and space issues of storing this information. More importantly, this information is available to you online directly-you do not have to request a document from our staff. This cutting edge HR application is attractively priced at only 25 cents per paycheck per employee. Call a Checkright staff member to learn more about this feature and to get set up with your virtual file cabinet.